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About the Artist

My work is about discovery in visual form.  It is meditation.  It is process.  It is poetry.     The process is one of exploring with a muse that sometimes has me focus directly on capturing the light and dark of what I see, sometimes it is more about the relationship of balance, harmony and space in a way that has us feel, as much as see, the wonder of  discovering the beauty that surrounds us - capturing moments from our lives that are gifts to us - when we take the time to be with them.  See them.  


I have been painting since I was four.  My first painting was an Iris from my mother's garden.   It really looked sort of like an iris. It's beauty captivated me then as it does now - more than six decades later!  What I really wanted to paint was the fragrance - it was ethereal.  I wanted to capture that delicious connection to the earth that I felt the moment I smelled that first iris.  


This led me through the years to move between wanting to paint the image of a thing -- and wanting to paint it's energy -- essence -- much like the iris's fragrance. Sometimes this essence comes through more vibrant color and form, light and shadow, sometimes it comes through as abtraction of the thing I am painting.


In all my work, nature and the elements are my guide and muse.




When we are in service to our passion, great things can happen.  May it be so for all of us.

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